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    Glad to have found this forum, a little late perhaps as I think I struggled to figure out myself what could have been easily searched here. I purchased an 80cc kit from a dealer in Burnaby. Nightmare, but I eventually got it. Since then it's been some trial and error as to what works and what doesn't, mainly chain line and vibration. A coupla frames and some JB weld later I got it running doing a relatively vibration free 55 km/h. A few days ago I started having issues with the idle speed, not very steady and extremely high with relatively small twist of the throttle. I pulled off the carb, cleaned and replaced with little success. I ran out to a friends house and seemed to run hot. On the way home it seized. Which brings me to my first post, anyone know where to get a replacement piston, rings and maybe cylinder (the sides of the piston melted but did some small scoring to the cylinder walls, pretty sure new rings and piston will be ok as the compression in these engines is so low) I doubt if the company will warranty any of this so I'm looking for a replacement piston and ring set to try out for now. I live in Windsor ON, so a supplier in Canada would be ideal, or possibly Michigan, near Detroit. Thanks, and hi all.

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    hi; i think you will also need a barrel.