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    [TD="class: alt1, bgcolor: #E6E5E6"]Hi guys,
    I was a member a few years ago, lost touch with the motorbike side of my hobbies and now getting back to it!! Ive been an active member of the classic bicycle sites but now Im getting excited looking at the motorbike builds!
    Finishing my 47 Whizzer and about to start a few new projects. Ill post some pics soon.

    Cant wait till it gets warm enough to fire up the Whizzer!!! (-17 outside right now, with a "feels like" -35!)

  2. james65

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    Glad your back. Post some pics of the whizzer and others!

  3. OwlWheelWorks

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    I posted my Whizzer build in the Whizzer section but its still waiting approval. Ill add more pics as its built and Ill get some pics of other projects up soon!