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    Hey folks, hope you're all doin' fine. I'm a 28 year old manager at a non-profit organization. I've been riding motorcycles for a long, long time, just got my 80cc chinese POS rigged two weeks ago. Unfortunately, literally the day after finishing it I sprained my ankle in my soccer league and have been pretty hindered by that injury.

    I've modified the install somewhat, got rid of the fuel tank (looked too stupid for me) and am now using a under-seat modified Nalgene bottle as my fuel tank. I'll be happy to post pics of that if anyone wants to see, it was actually easier than expected.

    My 80cc motor is mounted in my 1997 Specialized Rockhopper FS, I bought the kit from boygofast on ebay. I'm pretty happy, but I think I can make it better. I might swap it into a roadbike frame, not really sure yet though.

    I've got a fairly unlimited supply of gas chainsaw motors, and I'd really like to rig up a chainsaw bike rig. Someone here in my town has what appears to be a 50cc setup that actually uses the rear cassette and deraileur, I have no idea how he manages that. If anyone has hints please let me know.

    I've already used your forum a lot---my kill switch is rigged as per Large_Philipino's recommendation.


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    Welcome to the forum. If you can post a pic of that tank that would be cool.

    We love gas tanks. :smile: