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    Hi all, new to this forum and the motored biking hobby. I read up on this site and went with an HT setup off eBay on an old mountain bike I had laying around. I took some handlebars off a cruiser and it's now my primary mode of short-distance transport.

    I will never buy from the cheapest vendor again, I had to spend about 3 hours straitening the rear sprocket and basically "finish" the casting with a dremel and grinding stone as well as "redneck engineer" some of the other fittings that were poorly constructed.

    I'm a tad upset because I spent so much time on the sprocket, and now I want a 36t or lower because this one (44t) seems to be winding out the motor at 25mph, a good cruising speed :) I saw that andyinchville had a 34t, so I'm going to get one of those.


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    Hello Eric and welcome.

    Nice build there. I can understand how "finishing" the kit would seem like being ripped off. But these happy time engines are well-known for needing tweaking. So you're picking up valuable experience.

    see you around
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    whats u eric. just bought a skyhawk online. im lovin this bike. ive been trying to get others into them, do you know of anyone else in yuma with one? i find i get around town faster on the bike than i do in my car. i dont obey traffic regultions, but the feeling of passing a bunch of snowbirds waiting at a stoplight is liberating. keep it rollin...... tako
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