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    Hi guys Iam up here with my head in the clouds (colorado lol) and its time to build a new bike that can take these backroads and mountains. Iam thinking about buying this from wallyworld. Do you think it would be good for a offroad motorized bike? Is there a better choice for the same money? Thanks and nice to be here!:cool2:

    Ride in style on this classic Hiland Eclipse 26" Mountain Bike. The bike features an alloy seat post with quick release and double wall and alloy rims. A racing down tube with integrated gussets completes the Hiland Eclipse 26" Mountain Bike.

    Hiland Eclipse 26" Mountain Bike:
    -Features integrated gussets and a dynamic racing down tube
    -Alloy frame with reinforced head tube
    -Front suspension
    -The Hiland Eclipse 26" Mountain Bike has 24 speeds
    -Shimano EF60 alloy shifters
    -Promax TX-119 alloy V brakes
    -Shimano EF60 alloy, 2 finger brake levers
    -Innova 26" x 1.95" Flow Mark HL performance tires
    -AP5F full alloy front hub / AZER full alloy rear hub
    -Double wall, alloy rims
    -Promax alloy HB-T305 handlebars
    -Promax alloy seat post with quick release
    -Competition racing saddle
    -Color: Brilliant blue and raven black

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    Hi 5446, welcome to Motoredbikes!
    Looks great to me, only issue may be the frame tube size where the engine goes.
    I ditch- stock handlebars and orangatang stock seats.
    You probably won't need all those gears too but that's no biggie.
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    I personally would not use a non-steel metal framed bike if you are looking to ride in the mountains. The engine vibration and potential abuse of mountain riding is asking for a weld to fail.

    I don't think the bike you picked out would fit a HT 2 stroke engine.

    I've had much success with the older style Skyliner bikes (no longer made but can be purchased used) and the steel framed Searcher bikes you can get at K-mart.