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    anywho, i am Robert, i live in lakewood,ca. after about 5 years of talking about it and collecting various bits and pieces i decided it was time to walk the talk. the bike frame is a '50's straight bar columbia tank bike. which i'll be painting tomorrow, i plan on keeping the tank to streamline the look of the bike and hide some of the electrics. i'm going to use a springer off of another "50's monarch, i've bobbed a fender off of another monarch. i was gonna use a tractor seat mounted on bike springs, but the seat is bigger than what looks right, so i'll modify a schwinn exercise bike seat to do the duty, the handle bars are nos gi ww2 issue which will be stripped and painted. this bike will be what i consider a knock around bike, meaning i'm just going to clean up the chome , i'm looking to make it look like a barn find. when i get it built, either this weekend or the next 2, i'll post a pick then. anyway i wish you all the best and keep safe, bobby-b.

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    Welcome to MBc.

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    Welcome to the group.
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    thanks guys
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    Hi Robert I was looking for your intro. It will be fun to go riding when you get your bike done. Ive been working on the bike I got from Taylor, his green Whizzer, Ive just about got all the little bugs out. Keep me posted. Have fun, Dave

    PS: Take pic's of the build everyone likes to see them as they grow.
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    Welcome to MBc and happy motoring!
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    Thanks again Robert for the NOS rack for the Schwinn. I plan to start getting it painted to match the bike. Looking forward to you getting your bike up and running. Have fun, Dave