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    Remember me?

    So I was riding my bike to work one day a couple months ago and my carb was giving me some ****, so I bent reached down and adjusted the choke, in doing so my oil rag I had hanging out of my pocket I use to wipe gas off my hand when I have to adjust the carb got sucked into the drive chain (no chain guard!) and froze the motor up instantly locking up the wheel wheel and sending me into the ground at 40mph. Luckily I did not hit my head! But I did get some nice bruising and road rash and I managed to fracture my heel. I'm pretty much all healed up now... but my bike got stolen! I'm thinking about getting a new bike now... Titan?

    I recommend wearing helmets and installing your chain guard......

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    If your a smart soldier u don't go into battle with loose change in your pockets.
    Same principle applies here....don't have loose anything that can potentially get caught.
    Glad your better....yours is an object lesson for ALL of us.