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    Hey guys,,
    My name is Tom and Im from NJ,,I like to tinker with everything from motors to radios,,I love to fabricate,,so far I have a small shop with basic tools and saw these cheap chinese kits on ebay,,I want to start learning how to put them together the best way possible,,and maybe sell them in the future.Looks like alot of good info and peeps.Will be looking forward to hanging out and talking.

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    welcome to the form it's a great place to learn the kits are pretty easy to install , there video after video here and on youtube showing how to install them.
    also I'm just a MB rider , but please take my advice stay away from eBays boygofast he sells junk and will not help you if you get a bad engine.
    I know this because if not for pay-pal and eBay he would of took me for $165.00, only after filing a complaint against him and him still refusing to help, so I escalated the clam pay-pal and eBay agreed with me and refunded 100% of my money.
    Do yourself a favor go to the vendor review are and do so reading so you know a good dealer from a bad dealer.

    There are several companies that advertise here and that are in the vendor review that offers a 6 month warranty, they may cost $20-$40.00 more a kit, but well worth the extra just to be safe.
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    Very good to know,,
    I will check that out,,thanks for the heads up!!

    Do these vendors carry a whole line of replacement parts for these motors?
    I did see a couple sites with upgrade parts for sale,,some looked very pricey.Also being from NJ. I have a class a cdl with a motorcycle endorsement,,I know a 49cc.and under is registered as a moped,,and for anything above would be a motorcycle here.My question would be,,how would I title a home made motorbike being it has no title,,just a little confused,,I will try to call the DMV tomorrow and see if I can find out any info on the matter.

    Take care!