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    I have a motorbike with the 80cc motor, I know it is really smaller then that, but that's what was called when I installed it. Right now it is just a single speed, it has stop light, turn signals and a high/low beam head light.
    I plain on upgrading the wheels to heaver type spokes and rems, adding a springier on the front. I have the setup for a full 12 volt system to install including the wire loom. I plain to put a windshield on it, as well as a small motorcycle trunk on the back both are light weight items. I also would like to add a shift kit or a 3 to 5 speed transmission that will fit in small space, in back of the motor.
    So I have a lot to do with little money or time to do it right now, but maybe this winter will give me the time. I have been a mechanic for over 25 years and a machinist for 10 years. Have a degree in electronics and computers, But retired at this time, doing part time jobs to make ends meet, with the economy as it is. That's about it.

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    Hi welcome to the forum. Have fun!

    (Oh yeah I corrected your misspelt username for you too.)
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    like your username.