Hi, I am "Hoggie"

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  1. Hoggie

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    Hi there!
    Hoggie from Owatonna, MN here.
    I have been a fish-a-holic for most of my life... but recently I have HUGE interest in bikes. I have several Schwinn Stingrays, an I-Zip Electric Chopper, and two Schwinn Spoilers. I have electric motors on some and a gas motor on one.



    I am excited to join your site!


  2. Alaskavan

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    Welcome to MBc. How do you like the I-Zip? There's a guy here in Haines who's trying to start a dealership with them.
  3. Hoggie

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    Alaskavan, thanks for the welcome!

    Thanks for the welcome.

    I do like the I-Zip ALOT... "stock" it does 20mph with me (at 250lbs). It comes 24v with a 450W motor. More noise than a hub-motor but... a lot more low-end torque.

    I have this bike licensed as a moped. I am in the process of converting this bike to be faster... by adding a 100W motor at 36V. I hope to get 35mph. If so I will class as a motorcycle. My motor is mounted and the trottle... I am waiting on a new controller which should arrive later today.

    I like the lines of the bike... it is cool looking. It suits me fine at 5'9" and is a good ride. I do have a need for speed as some of the roads I travel have 45mph zones. I would at least like to see 35mph form this conversion.