Hi, I bought a motor!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by sseisup, Mar 14, 2009.

  1. sseisup

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    Hi, you guys moved me to buy a motor. I'm unemployed so I had to donate plasma to get the money together. I've had my fair share of motorcycles, and still have two. I was acctually hit by my neighbor last summer, just bruises. I was hit on my bicycle too a few years back, just bruises. I ordered a motor off ebay and waiting for delivery.


    I have a bike I picked up at a grauge sale for free, pulled it out of the weeds and went through it. Made it a boy's bike and modded the seat to be the same height as my motorcycles and still pedal. wanted to strech the frame, mabey on the next one. I think this is so cool because I should be able to throw the bike on the car rack and go ride in any town I want. I can't wait to try. Here's my battered bike. Been riding it as a regular bike for now. I have to give it a gone in sixty seconds name (suggetions?). My car is molly, motorcycles are bessie and suzie. Is there an E85 thread anyone?
    :helmet: I'm glad I wear my helmate.




  2. biken stins

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    Welcome to the site.
    Seems your all ready to go.
    Might take a look at some of the posts here for idea's that may help you.
    Like the bike and the engine.If it runs good and your happy with it all is OK.
    Might start to put loctite on all the nuts and bolts.Check bearings and brakes. Stopin' can be half the fun sometimes. Enjoy and hope you will keep posting progress.
  3. MurraySabrePlus

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    Hi sseisup, I'm new on here too.
    I'm taking my time in choosing a motor kit, but probably going with a 2stroke 48cc type.

    Free bike eh?.... nice... how bout callin' it FreeRide?.. Free&Easy?
    Keep us posted with pics and build details.

    TINKERER Member

    Welcome! where are you at in MN?
  5. sseisup

    sseisup New Member

    Blaine, MN.
  6. sseisup

    sseisup New Member

    Motor Came, Motor Here, Motor Installed!

    It took me about two hours, and it's installed but not the prettiest. I have so much more to do to make this thing what I'm thinking. I had to ditch the sprocket rubber to clear the three speed rear hub and raisethe motor to clear the pedals. My kids love the bubble wrap by the way. I had to cut part of my goofy seat mount and flip the air cleaner.

    Can't wait for the first ride! To be continued...

  7. Mountainman

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    nice looking motor bike -- good job building that THING

    I like the look with those hardwood floors in the backround
    I don't think you will be parking the going to be oily thing there for long

    have fun as you ride that thing
  8. sseisup

    sseisup New Member

    I'm thinking about hardwood printed lynolyame for the grauge floor now. Just don't glue it, use it like a area rug.
  9. sseisup

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    First ride is good! Making adjustments, getting lots of smiles from the neighborhood. You guys really have something good going with these motors. What a great hobby for a diy mechanic. I saw another bike running around so who else is in MN and where is a good place to ride?
  10. sseisup

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    So my front motormount broke, I was forced to get creative. Then the thing would only run with the choke on. It turned out the tube that feeds the carb loosened up and disconnected. She's all back together now, running well. I'm almost through the first gallon. I hate my old rims but the new tires keeps me holding on. It shakes alot, but I don't have to pedal. Everyone loves it at the cycle shops, stores, cafes, biker rallies. I have lights and an old license plate to look more like a cycle. This is awesome. Pics to come.:cool2:
  11. sseisup

    sseisup New Member

    Motor back on, lights off.