Hi i need a quality motor for my bicycle!!!

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    hi i am wanting to put a motor on my bicycle as i will be cycling over Europe and need a motor which would withstand the journey and would not give me any problems and which would be efficiant ! i dont have a clue about motors and if someone could guide me towards where i could purchase the motor! i am from the UK by the way! so if anybody would guide me i would appreciate it lots ! thanks!

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    You'll probably get a lot of different opinions on this, but I'd go with a rear mount chain drive Honda GX50. If it breaks, engine parts should be relatively easy to find. Select a good gearbox and a sprocket hub adapter to take the strain off the spokes. Size the petrol tank to meet your needs. I can't help you with UK suppliers, but the Honda is a worldwide engine and you'll find a local supplier.

    It sounds like a lot of fun. I toured Europe by motorcycle in 1983 and had a blast.
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    LOL ! i think maybe u misunderstood! as i want to do it in a bicycle with an engine on it! so if u have any opinions or suggestions please come forward with them :) !
  4. that is an engine you put in a bicycle its a honda one
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    Although I don't like rack mounting, But I'd choose the Honda also. Good reliable engines, world wide parts if need be.


    Need to add this...It's at the bottom of the page.

    E-mail: sales@staton-inc.com

    Phone: 405-605-3765

    Please email me with any questions FIRST before bidding.

    Based on your Buy It Now price, you will be charged a Final Value Fee of $26.94 if your item sells. Ebay fees are getting out of control.
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    cost of shipping to Brittain

    Small engine warehouse did return a response to my question abt overseas shipping cost. NOT inexpensive!
    Probably a bit over $150us.
    They were unable to advise regarding import duties that may be applicable.