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    I have been a steady Cyclist for about 12 years, I just got my first Gas Bike kit last summer and i would highly appreciate any help that could be give'n.

    I have had this Mountain bike for about 10 or so years, had to replace a number of things including; pedals, the stock saddle (it hurt when riding for more than 20 min), a bunch of spokes on one rim, the rim itself, chain ring, freewheel, chain, crank arm, Front & Rear derailleurs, crankset, and bearing cages.

    The Gas Bike kit that i chose is a 48cc 2-stroke engine (no brand), I have seen the engine called at least 2 different "names" Silver Slant, and Black Stallion.

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    Welcome aboard.

    My pedal bike is that exact same model. I guess it's about 8 years old now and it's been a fine bike. Especially since it only cost about $50. I"m a serious rider. So it has some miles on it and it's been reliable.

    I doubt if the stock wheels are strong enough for motoring in the long run. So you'll want to plan to replace those one day.

    Good luck and have fun.
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    Guys that ride their mountain bikes hard on the trails need to replace certain parts regularly, anyway. Wheel maintenance and derailleur replacements are routine for that bunch.
    My engine was a no-name two stroke, but it installed and ran very well. It looks like that engine will work fine for you.