Hi I'm Lucas and I need help HAHA

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    So I'll start by introducing myself. My name is Lucas and I am very interested in this hobby because I'm looking for a cheap fun way of commuting!!!! I live in Texas and I have about 700 bucks to spend towards a bike but I dont know what the heck to get. I've looked around on the forums but everything is so controversial. Could anyone who reads this post what bike they have, what engine they use, and what kit they used to install it. Or if you just want to recommend a whole set up for me. I would prefer a 4 stroke and not sure how I feel about shifter kits. Just let me know and I would really appreciate it!!!!!!!!!1

  2. bamabikeguy

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    If you have a Craigslist link, we could look at the bikes available in your area.

    If not, Schwinn Jaguar from Target or Schwinn Pointe Beach from Wally World, 7 speeds that can fit whatever engine you choose, both in the $125-150 range.
  3. Mountainman

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    for the aprox amount of monies you have to spend
    you can get a quality set up

    I like my nice mountain bike with Robin friction drive
    think the whole THING was around 7 or 8 hundred dollars

    ride that THING
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    Hey Lucas,
    I'm here in Fort Worth, where are you? There's memebers in Houston, Austin, Dallas and all over. We love showing off our bikes. If you find someone close to you, I'm sure they'd be happy to let you check out what they have. My all time favorite is my 70 CC Happy Times on the Schwinn Jaguar, but I like my Titan 4 stroke too. There's a rider in Dallas with a Deminsion edge Honda35 cc 2 stroke friction drive. I love it and she's looking to sell.
    Welcome to the group,
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    I'm in Waco, so not far from Fort Worth. Thats cool to know there are other riders around here haha. I would really prefer a 4 stroke so I can just drive up to a gas station and fill up haha. Is the titan 4 stroke the same as the Huasheng 4 stroke? That Huasheng is the one I'm really looking at and I'll let everyone in a cheap kit I found on ebay. Tell me what you think-
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    $700 should cover a decent build. My first was about $300. The simplest option is a 'happytime' kit, which is chain drive to a second sprocket. Look at the carious vendors on the board, should be able to get a full kit for $150 or less shipped. Then pick out a good bike to put it on, can find something at Target, craig's list, etc. You can also do friction drive, or an electric, but I am not as knowledgable about those options :) Welcome to the forum, read up and have fun!
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    Welcome to the forum. A $700 budget is more than adequate to get a fun reliable ride.
    Here's my $.02:
    Check your state laws in the legal forum. Some states require a tag if your motor is bigger than 48cc
    Have a front brake. Even a crummy front brake is better than none.
    Retighten bolts and chain before every ride during break in (prevents busted back wheel or broken motor mount)
    Get your motor bike assembled & running well before attempting the shift kit. It just makes the learning curve easier.

    I went the economy route with a 48cc motor kit mounted on an older steel mountain bike. I commute to work on it
    50 miles round trip (with a 3/4 gallon tank) a couple of times per week. Cheers
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