Hi, I'm Macon, but I'm not from Georgia

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    I am a truck driver with my own rig and I run a set route from St. Louis MO, to Fremont CA, Salt Lake City UT and back to St Louis MO. Luckly I get 36 hours off at the Fremont stop where I discovered that building a motorized bike was a great way to pass the time , and a cheap way to get around. My
    1st bike was a Schwinn Sky Liner with a 80cc, but my wife who team drives with me wanted one , but there was no way to put it on her female version.
    So I bought her a 33cc Gebe engine which worked out nicely on her bike. Now on our days off, its off to the beach for some sun and a easy going ride around town ( Santa Cruz ) . Most of the time while she is catching a few rays on the sand , I'll be working ( well puttering around ) with the bikes. Countless times other interested people will stop and ask about them, and what, where , and how can they get one. Last week Larry one of them stop by with his bike which he built and was so glad to see me again and asked if I could help get his going (started for the 1st time). We put both our mind together , and it was up and running shortly. I told him about this web site and the wealth of information here.
    My wife and I live in Florida where we take 2 weeks off after 10 weeks on the road. So now I'm building a Schwinn Point Beach Cruiser ( old timey looking with a Monark Springer fork ) and 50cc Grubee engine this time.
    Thanks for the chance to talk with the you all. Macon

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    welcome to the site
    hope you folks have tons of fun on your bikes
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    Welcome to MBC from the west edge of the Giant Side of Texas!
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    Thanks for the Texas welcome to MBC, it's like walking into a candy store wealth of information. I plan on reseaching out a way to build a 80cc Grubee BELT drive, similar to my 33cc Gebe. Macon
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    Welcome to MBc from the heart of PA Amish country!