Hi! I'm new here.

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    I have a F-80 / 66cc(?) motor on a mountain bike (Atom). Going through all the little learning experiences like everyone else. I've taken it with me on a train to a far northern region of Russia - Karelia. Prospecting. It was very helpful, and actually dependable for a while. Used it to pull a two wheel trailer, loaded with 200 lbs (not including heavy backpack. It could do that easily. Main thing to get it going with peddles. A word of advice, if you are going on rough roads, then ditch the spoked trailer wheels. Get some big ole wheel barrow wheels(solid steel rims) and get them on a thick single steel axle with a wider - the better wheel base and even engineer some spring suspension action onto that axle if you can. My trailer wheels went crooked fast on bad rocky roads. Will send some pics of the adventure.

    Don't worry, I've got plenty of questions coming here.

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    Welcome aboard :D