Hi I'm new so here's my introduction plus a question i guess

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    Hi I just got a b-day present, a 2 stroke 49 cc engine, has a clutch lever on the left brake lever, a grip throttle on the right grip, manual, and both brakes are hooked into the right brake lever,the engine runs off of one set of gears. I get iffy when coming up to an intersection and as a result, I'm abusing the clutch at first i would clutch and rev to keep the engine to keep it from dying as I slowed down(this was wrong), then I tried clutching and then killing the engine with the kill switch and then clutching and reving to get going again(again wrong way but better), what is the proper procedure in handling this scenario?

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    With the clutch disengaged, the should keep running. I sit at stop lights with the clutch handle pined. Start by adjusting the idle, make sure that the throttle cable is void of slack.,