Hi. I'm new to the world of motorized bicycles.

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    My name is Joe and I've been lurking for a while. I have the greenline army bike (OD green.) To it, I've added the grubee skyhawk gt5 and some bells and whistles. I grinded off everything I didn't need (tabs and brackets for chain guard etc.) I routed my brake cables through the frame to clean it up a bit. I have a black triple tree fork, bmx stem, clubman handle bars, primo hollowbite cranks with a new euro bottom bracket. I laced in a freewheel hub in the back, with rear caliper brakes and a disc hub and brake up front. I used an old slide shifter for my clutch. It also balances out the look of 2 brake levers and 2 shifter levers (one clutch and one choke) I grinded down the engine mounts to lower the engine and give it a lower center of gravity, and did away with the rolling wheel chain tensioner by shortening my #41 chain which I replaced from stock. I fabricated an awesome lay-back seat post from my old gooseneck stem (works and looks perfect). I just bought a tractor headlight to wire up front. I would like to replace my throttle with the one from sbp and get new grips and a leather springer seat. I also am in need of a non-goofy tank. I hate the stock one. Any questions or comments would be greatly appreciated. :D

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    Welcome to MBc, Joe. Sounds like you have a handle, and a lot of hard work, on your Beastie. Could you, perhaps, provide us some pics (when you move over to the 2-Stroke area?) We would all like to see your work so far, and you can detail what you need next.