Hi, I'm Robert from Fremont CA

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    Hi guys, this is my first post to say hi,they call me rocket-man I just built a 4 stroke briggs&strattion bike and its very smooth also it is built diffrent than most,its a custom build ! if your my area come check it out,I am working on a custom whizzer Engine,making some cool parts for it,I love to talk to you and exchange Ideas,I like making custom parts if have some custom Ideas Call ! if your in my Area or call out my area, and we can talk fix or go riding 1-510-773-1424 ROCKET-MAN P.S.I DON'T LIKE TYPING A HOLE LOT, I'AM SLOW SO JUST GIVE ME A RING ! leave me a # and I'll call back if you don't want pay for the call, BUT CALL ! <:)
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    Hi Robert, welcome to Motoredbikes! Lost of guys from Ca. here.