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    hi all, I live in Oz, just finished building our first motorised bike for my son ( and me, lol)and was checking all threads to pinpoint what can go wrong when first time starting it.

    We have had dirt motor bikes for years which we service and run and thought that it would be easy -peasy to put together one of these but I must admit that it did give us a bit of trouble, lol, mainly in fitting the engine to the frame and unintentionally stripping nuts and bolts.

    Took us few turns up and down our laneway to start it and now it is running very rough , have to go and play with carbie.
    Also , I noticed in one of the threads a recommendation on installing a bracket to hold the muffler , so yes, we have to make one of them too.

    All in all, I think that installing, adjusting and modifying one of these kits is a great way for young teenagers to start to understand and develop their mechanical skills. My son did most of the work with me sitting on the side and helping when needed.



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    Welcome aboard!