Hi! Im Tommy.. The New Guy..Nice 2 meet ya'll

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    Im Tommy.. Country boy.. I ride a schwinn 26" beach cruiser with a ??? 66-80cc China Girl engine.. Had some tuff times with her..But got all the bugs worked out ( I think ) NOTE: > ... DO NOT make ur own motor mounts I've learned.. and DONT Use the kit sprocket.. It'll RIP Ur spokes out..Get a hub adapter and sprocket..Im learning. This is my third bike since 1979.. First one was a front wheel drive from sears. It costed more than the china girl I bought this year, and it was only 22 cc.. WOW 15 MPH TOPS !! Second was a rear-wheel friction drive which was the same concept as the sears engine.. was 35 cc went like 20 mph tops.. China girl runs about 42 mph with a 40 tooth sprocket..But dont hold it there or u'll be buy'n a piston .. Its a cool sport as I like to refer 2 it.. And still good exercise.. nice 2 be a memeber.. Hit me up... THANX !! P.S. Gonna build a shifter bike soon..

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    Welcome to the forum. Still have the 1979 Sears bike?