Hi just bought me a used bike with a china girl motor on it.

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    I tried posting a pic, I wonder if that worked. So it has a few problems and I need to tinker with it some, but I have been looking at some things on here and figure I can Mcguyver things pretty well normally so wish me luck and point me in the right direction. Any and all advice is appreciated

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    Welcome aboard.

    Slightly unusual engine there. That oval head is kinda neat. And an air filter box that I don't recognize. But it looks like a bike that's up to the task.

    I guess I'd advise you not to think of this as a motorcycle. Myself, I think going only a bit faster than I can pedal a bicycle is safest. You still make very good average time, but much safer.

    And if you plan on using this for serious, daily transportation, then you're likely to want fenders. But if you do, then please be sure to read the threads here dealing with fender safety. The balance between weather-proof and safe is a delicate one.

    You'll have fun. Keep us posted on your progress/
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    Hmmmm fenders huh, I figure this would just be a start off bike and I would tinker with it slowly adding things until I had a whole new bike... and I think I definitely want some fenders. Right now I am looking into some mirrors and lights to make it a lil bit safer and then I think I need some better brakes. I was looking at this dual hand brake that looks like a must have.Then I figure I would work on tires and suspension maybe get some neat forks for it until eventually I will get a new frame. I would also like to get a 'spare engine' and some other things just in case. My main goal is to be reliable and safe, I think those two things will make it a lot more enjoyable
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    I've considered the spare engine, too.

    I use the dual pull brake lever and I like it. Most people do. With two caliper brakes plus coaster brake I'm confident about stopping.

    Mirrors are a good call. I use two. My kids think it looks dorky, of course. But I don't care about that. I want to know what those cars behind me are doing.
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    yeah I don't care what I look like... I am proud to be a nerd.
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    Staying alive takes preference over any concern a person might have about their perceived image or fashion sense.

    Back in my day, if i even made a lightly veiled comment questioning my parents decision making logic, i would have had my backside paddled from left cheek to right cheek with operation "shock and awe", firstly from Mum and then Dad taking over with substantially heavier artillery.
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    Back on those Dual action brake levers... I don't know where I saw them at does anyone have a link to a reputable site I could order them from.

    Ok so I pulled the carb off this morning broke it down and cleaned it real good (no wonder dude was having problems). I replaced the end of the plug wire. The original one didn't even fit and was held on by electric tape. I stole a 'spark plug cap' off of an old broken lawn mower, cleaned it up and soldered it on. Thinkered with the clutch, brakes, carb, back tired, chain tensioner, and it runs pretty good so far... but I got a flat before I could really get the carb tuned in where I want it.
    What I am looking up today:
    How to tell if a spoked rim is worth anything and how to true it up if it is
    More carb research.
    How much tension do I need in the chains... how tight is too tight, what is too loose?
    The clutch and gear box.... what exactly is going on in there?

    links are always appreciated there is a lot of info here to sort through thanks for all your help already =o)
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    Cool looking bike! Welcome!
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    Welcome to M.B.c. I was trying to see how the front mount was done but the pic is a little dark. I HOPE it's not the "drill a hole in the frame" big mount kit. If it is the first thing to do is replace the frame. This will weaken even a steel frame and probably crack sooner or later. The LAST thing you need is a cracked frame at 35mph. Safety first bro. You could also have it welded up then mount the engine properly. That is only if it is a "drill the frame" kit. I hope I'm wrong.
    Big Red.
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