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    Hi all I am new to this site just got my hands on a lifan engine 161fmj and i have no wire harness I saw a guy back in one of the forms had my same engine and ordered harness from a company call hooper import exports , well i call them up and the guy told me that they only have a harness for engine model LF200GY ,just wondering if that can fit my engine, anybody know if it will fit.

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    Welcome to MBc. The wiring harness I bought had wires that weren't the right colors etc. I ended up just using the wiring diagram to build my own. You can buy the CDI, etc from hooper, and get their wiring diagram.

    If I can do it, anyone can.
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    hi van; i got a lifan e/start yesterday to mount on an occ chopper trike. i was told its a 70cc. but stamped on the barrell is a stamp---48cm to the third power. does it mean its a 50cc or what? did you get the motor? mitch