Hi Lift Camshafts

Hi Everyone,
Just received the long awaited Hi-lift camshafts [limited quanity of 20]for the Whizzer motor. I will degree & weld the gear to the camshaft. Each camshaft will have a degree wheel sheet showing the open & close points of the intake and exhaust, the lift, and the duration. The lift is E=.187"/ I=.181" [approx. and will vary slightly] and the duration is E= 286/ I=291 degrees [approx. and will vary slightly]. I will offer these as a kit, the kit will include the camshaft, special modified "mushroom" lifters, and a #2217 compression cover gasket. I will offer the kits for $150.00 each [to members of this site first]. Most suppliers sell the camshaft for $150.00 [$150. to $200.], the "mushroom" lifters for $60.00 [$60. to $105.], and the gasket for $1.80, savings of at least $61.80 or approx 29% discount.
I will offer the camshaft without lifters if you already have the mushroom lifters in your motor. Although this will help the current NE motor , the slight difference isn't worth the money, and this camshaft will add lots of power to the WC-1 and WC-1 motors with the NE cylinder kit. Using this camshaft on the earlier WC-1 motor, for some reason, make the motor run much cooler [don't know why] and will help keep the valve seats intact for a longer period of time while adding a lot of additional power. This camshaft is identical to the units I used in my 68 MPH record setting motor. As far as I know this will be a one time event, because all the other camshafts I am working on are much "wilder", far more expensive, and won't run in the average Whizzer motor.
If more information is needed PM me.
More power

I can't wait till I get mine. This NE upgrade I'm doing should help the Whizzer drag my rather large butt around without much difficulty. Is it spring yet?

Hello Quenton, Great to be back!!! I would like a set! I sent you a Pm & email. Thanks for everything!!!! Dan
Hi Everyone,
I only have a few camshaft kits left. Sadly I am going to run out of mushroom lifters before I do the camshafts. I have more lifters on order, but looks like it will be a while before I receive them. I have ONE modified early NE cylinder in stock [may be the last early edition NE cylinder available], but am trying to find more good enough to modify. if I don't locate suitable early NE cylinders I will try to modify a couple of the current NE cylinders for the Whizzer owners that missed out. The current edition cylinders will cost more for two reasons, first the initial cost is much higher, and the machine work is far more time consuming. I am guessing the cost will be at least 20% higher, but still more cost effective than other options [and faster too]. PM me for more details........
Whizzer OuterBanks,