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    Hi, here to introduce myself. I have been reading forum for the past few months to help with my bike i received from Umoto bikes out of Tuscon, it's a kit bike and i have been upgrading. I ride in all weather here and sometimes its -20 or colder, have been tryin to figure out oil for winter. First Hausheng motor seized last month on a ride , but i ordered another and am just at 10 hours on it.Its getting warmer so will be nicer to ride. I would like to message a member here but it won't let me yet, I would like to ask Max-M where i could purchase a chain tensioner like the one in photo of his bike on valve adjustment thread. If anyone could tell me i would very much appreciate it. I plan on doing alot of upgrades and really appreciate the knowledge here.:evilgrin:

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    Welcome aboard.

    I'm afraid I can't answer your questions. Not much anyway. I've ridden as low as 5 deg F. And I doubt if there's much to be done about the oil. Whoops, wait a minute.................I'm thinking two stroke engine and oil. Yours is a four stroke, isn't it?

    All I can say is, go with the lightest oil you can find when winter comes. But I'll bet you've already figured that out.
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    ya next winter i'll try 0w20 probably , i started w/mobil 1 full synthetic 10w30, which was a mistake, tried not to ride when it was 0 or lower but had commitments that were to far to walk to, and couldn't find a ride.
    the motor seized the day of my first oil change (just at 10 hrs) and i used the mobil 1, and changed to a hotter spark plug, also changed to better filter in air cleaner, i think that the combination of hotter plug and ring not seating correctly broke something (piston or rod) but i wont know for sure until i tear it down.
    the new 142f i just put on there has just got its first oil change and i got about 12 hours on her, im using valvoline 10w40 motorcycle oil but am thinking of switching to rotella 15w40 in a few more oil changes.
    Drilled out plug , adjusted carb and shes runnin great, except for rev limitor these come with now, but still gettin 28 mph.