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  1. Hi.im justin I joined lastnight.i was riding down my street and hit a bump now my bike won't Rev high anymore.the engine starts fine then I give it gas and it just dies.i checked the clutch and it moves freely.could it be the carb help.

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    Check every connection especially the carburetor manifold to see if something came loose. I would start with the carb by just giving it a few hits with a heavy screwdriver. If something is stuck this might unstuck it. If that doesn't work, I would drain the gas from the carburetor using the little + screw at the bottom of the carburetor bowl with the red washer. Hopefully that works otherwise you will have to look into it more.
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  3. That engine starts right up but the bike doesn't move.while running I push the clutch lock pin in and it immediately dies.
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