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    hi my name is Mark Black and i go by the handle of Blackmarkus. This is the first forum i have ever posted on. I have some mechanical skill and knowledge. i Don't know very much about 2 stroke engines. i am currently riding my first motorised pushbike ,it is a Dunlop Scout 26' MTB with a 48cc engine . I absolutely love to ride it, but unfortunately it has become noisy and has lost power, I think the bearings are shot. I'm going to purchase a new engine then attempt a rebuild of the other engine. I'm looking at the Grubee GT5 Gen 3 ,I am wondering if thats the best choice.
    I Live on the Gold Coast Australia which is awesome for riding
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    Hello Mark,

    You've come to a good place to find the knowledge you need. Welcome.
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    By the way, what kind of 49cc were you running?
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    i am still riding it . it is has no name on it although I think it is a Skystar F50
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    Welcome to MBc.
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    sweet Thanks ,can you point me in the right direction to check out
    a: engines Grubby vs Zbox
    b: replacing bearings ,loss of power
    thank you,
    I am loving the site ,I only found it an hour ago.
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    Welcome aboard Mark. The Aussie contingent just keeps on growing.
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    it's a nice place to go ridin'
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    The Frame-mount area and MotoredBiking Parts & Accessories would be the places to look at various engines.
  10. welcome Mark !!!!!
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    G'day Mark,welcome to MBc.
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    welcome to MBc ! :D
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    Welcome to MBc. Markus.Grubee makes a good product.Good luck with your build.
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    hey mark,

    drop us a line in the aussie post, there's a growing contingent
    of aussie riders, who all live about 10 hours flight from one another.