Hi! My name is Tom! Pleased to meet yall!

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    Hi everyone, I've come here because I've decided that building a motorized bicycle is right for me.

    I am disabled and cannot afford car insurance, and cannot afford motorcycle insurance etc.

    I can't bike very far without assistance, so I figured, a motor could assist me and I could finally get to leave the house for once. which is a miracle and so important to me.

    I just spent an entire cold winter inside the house never leaving except in ambulances going to the hospital every month or so for various problems or chemo etc.

    I want to get out this summer, and see some things. I don't expect to go 50miles on a bike with a motor on it but It would be nice to be able to go to the next town.

    I have a hobby that I really enjoy in the summer. FISHING! And I need a bike that can bring me, my rod and tackle box, (all in my napsack) to the next town over where there is a river I can fish in and love to fish in.

    It would mean SO MUCH to me to get there on my own without having to take a paratranspo or taxi.

    It would be an adventure for me. I'm 24 years old and I really need to build a great motorized bike.

    I figure the easiest thing is friction drive. I'm quite hefty 300lbs, so i'll need to buy a big bike.

    I have a limit of 1000$ or so. maybe 1300$

    I really would like some help in being pointed to the right places to buy the components and engine that is strong enough to handle my weight and RELIABLE. And I wouldn't mind having a bike recommended that would be for a bigger guy 6'4, 300lbs.

    Friction drive seems easiest, but if it is junky, please tell me, so i dont get that type of drive and help me find the right type of drive that suits my situation.

    I would like to buy the parts in Canada if possible since I live here and it costs alot to ship from the u.s and i'll be waiting alot for customs etc.

    Basically I need your help as a community to brainstorm and set me up with the best bike you could for 1000$-1300$ Canadian including the motor too. which must be super reliable.

    I was thinking I would buy the largest honda motor or largest japanese motor subaru, etc, of any kind. And use a friction drive with a nice big mountain bike with dual suspension or just front suspension.

    Can you help me?

    Feel free to send private messages I have to pull this togetheer within a month so I can get some use out of this summer/spring. I spend more than 6-7 months in snow and darkness. :( It sucks. I need to get all the parts and build it quick and have a reliable bike in the end.

    I would prefer to go 4 stroke.


    Have I come to the right place? I really hope I have. Getting out of my town and travelling a bit on my bike is super important to me and with an engine, I could go more than just arond the block , I could go 10-20km to diff towns, fish diff rivers, see diff things I haven't seen in years.

    Whoever helps me with this, I thank you SO much. You'll be doing me huge favors. Iv'e had a pretty rough life so far and by suggesting good reliable parts and helping me if i have questions, you would be doing a good thing...because I don't know if I will have another summer to do this. I just want this summer to go well for once.

    Thx everyone


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    I can empathize with the *stuck in the house* syndrome. And I don't even have a disability, unless being an old fart counts. :grin5:

    With the budget you mention, I think you can build up a pretty nice bike. I would suggest starting by reading some of the threads here to get a *feel* for what is going on. After that you will be able to ask questions that are less general in nature. Actually you might be able to purchase a ready built bike from some of the builders on this site. The friction drive you mention is probably the easiest, but dependability depends a lot on where you live. I live in a rain forest, and they don't work dependably for me. Of course I've seen a mushroom growing on a chrome bumper too. Good luck, and welcome to our little insanity. :grin5:
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    Welcome Tom...you have come to the right place..Plenty of knowledge and help here
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    Tom if your heading to areas to fish I am betting you will be travelling on dirty/slippery/wet trails? A friction drive is probably not the better choice
    if this is to be the case, you should perhaps look into a direct chain drive setup mate.

    For ~1200 dollars you could also set yourself up with a electric hub motor kit and a lithium battery that would get you 20-30 mile range in total silence, no scaring the fishes :)

    If your interested in this direction i would recommend joining the Endless Sphere forum its devoted to electric bicycles.

    Best of luck with your motored bicycle and fighting your illness mate :)

  5. tom_bike_guy

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    Thanks guys....................Is friction drive crappy? You know when they place the honda motor over the tire on the rear of the bike and use FRICTION? Are those crappy?

    I would like to purchase a honda engine or a well known company engine because they have good bearings and stuff. So Friction seems easiest.

    DO these friction systems cause problems?

    I have limited time, my father has not really been there for me in my life and him offering to pay for this is really a fluke and if i dont find a place to buy a motorized bike or great kit recommended by you guys on this site, he's gonna change his mind and use the money on himself.

    The relationship is very complicated he has not been around since i was a kid and just showed up when i became sick and dying basicallly. Time is of the essence. I know it's best to research but i'm sure there are some guys who have great bikes they can point me to websites that provide QUALITY engines and kits ingstead of junky chinese ones with crappy bearing i will have to fix all hte timew. I'm not mechanical at all so I'd have to pay someone to fix it and I have 300 after paying rent and food electricity etc. And I don't even have any clothing that fits so I cant be fixing the thing nonstop cuz I need htat money to buy toothbrush, deoderant, medication, shoes, new shirts and jeans, (jeans =120$) since I'm 6'4 an over 310lbs...even shirts my size are 70-80#

    So i need a really reliable type of engine and kit. Or a place that sells the fulll bike, but i'd rather get a nice honda or other japanese engine with good bearings and good parts, chains etc and install it on a bike i choose for my large size.

    Can someone help me please? Give me some links, preferably in Canada if you can because shipping is so expensive.

    Thats why I want to buy a kit, a full kit, it weighs less than a bike and kit.....i would be charged up the butt for a bike aready set up.

    Anyways, Thanks for your help. I really need to figure this out fast. :(
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    hi Tom :)

    the Golden Eagle folks work with a lot of disabled and impaired riders, everyone's happy...they offer only premium 4-stroke & 2-stroke engine options...so make sure you research GEBE before you make any final decisions, it sounds like what you're looking for...install it right the first time & repairs are definitely not something to worry about :cool2:
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    Tom, having read what you've had to say above, I can empathize. Being disabled sucks. What you said boils down to the following, as I understand it:

    1) Big guy
    2) Very limited mechanical skills
    3) Short time frame for build
    4) Wants: a) enough power to be useful; b) excellent reliability; c) prefer a full suspension
    5) May be some off pavement riding

    Based on those criteria as outlined above, I'd advise against a friction drive, simply because the friction roller tends too slip against the tire badly when wet/muddy. At the same time, I'd advise against a chain drive set up, simply because even at their best they tend to be more mechanically demanding to set up and maintain.

    I have no axe to grind here (nor ox to gore, either), but I've been researching and reading and studying these motor assisted bikes for a while now. Like you, I'm disabled. Like you, I am mechanically limited (not lack of knowledge, but I have only one hand with two working fingers and thumb). One of our most respected and knowledgeable members, 'bamabikeguy (may he rest in peace) was very fond of building motored bikes, and gave me excellent advice I am going to pass onto you.

    For your needs, a full suspension mountain bike with a Golden Eagle Bike Engines http://www.bikeengines.com/ is a really good match.

    edit: I note augidog chimed in while I was typing. Glad we concur.
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  8. PatrickW

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    Like many of the members here, I too am disabled. I have talked to Simplesimon and the respected Bamabikeguy quite a few times...both straight shooters with excellent advise. If I were you, I would follow Simon's advice above, and get yourself a husky, full suspension mountain bike and Golden Eagle Bike Engine setup...you won't be sorry you did. Good luck, God bless, and ask questions. BTW, where in the Great White North do you live?
  9. tom_bike_guy

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    Thank you guys I';m gonna do that! :) I live in Ottawa Ontario.......Which is snow half the year almost haha. I really appreciate the help!!!! so much thanks guys......
  10. tom_bike_guy

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    what engine would be best from golden eagle..................whats the fastest most reliable one?

    And can you provide a link to a bike that isn't very expensive since the engines are quite costly lol my dad is going to have a cow when he sees haha.