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    I have had a xbox motor push bike for a coupleof years now. My son and his friend rode the motorized bike for about less than 10k but at full bore. (I do suspect it has seized or has not been used for so long) It has been sitting in the shed down back. I took interest in the bike again. But I have one or a couple of problems. First I can't the bike to start, second when I do get the bike to start (I am partly paralized on the right side but I can ride a push bike) I was investigating putting a side car on the bike but would that create too much load bearing for the 49cc engine. I was investigating knocking together some sort of adult stabliziers.
    Any suggestions that might help in my quest to get motorized again?



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    Hi Max. Welcome aboard.

    There are one or two sidecars among the members here. I know you'll find photos in the photo gallery.

    And maybe you could take two 20" front wheels from a couple of trash bikes, fix them onto your bike "training wheels" style. I suppose the frame would have to be fairly strong. But it might not have to be so massive that it's not worthwhile.
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    Mabey you could use some kind of motorized recumbent. They have all sorts of padal types and plenty of room for a motor. I hope to make one of these someday. I like the 20" training wheels. You could make that pretty fancy, like twisted springers hung off a back rack with a fricton drive on top painted to match the bike. I have an imagination. Good luck!

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    Here's another.

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    Thanks Gentlemen

    Thats given me a few ideas. I went to the Philippines last November for 2 weeks and had a few rides in what they call taxis (small motorbike with a passanger side car). It was great though but a step down to over here in Australia.
    I still have not got the motor going yet. I live here in Logan City just south of Brisbane and have I followed the instructions but I wondered if I am doing somthing wrong?
    I am willing to do anything to get the motor running. Have you any ideas about a bike shop which will except the motor-bike as a bike or a gokart shop. I've had knock backs in the past. I just had to metion the bike had a motor on it and ubruptly thar was the end of the conversation.
    The photo of the amry styled is excellent. Thanks again guys it has given me a few ideas.