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    Hi there im kinda new on posting but have been following the forum for a long time
    Decided to start my motorized bike project, I want to make a detroit brothers replica because i love the style on n 10 bike
    For this project since the dsesign of the frame allows me i will use the bottom bracket as a jackshaft giving me access to use the bike gears
    the major problem that i see right now is where to get the tires since i want it to be 2 4 inches wide tires
    LLC sells the rims that i want to use, but the tires i researcched and couldn't find anywhere
    Im not amrican do you guys know any strore that sells em and ship worldwide?

    thanks in advance
    sorry for any bad english usage
    Usefull links
    The language used is portuguese but dont bother it is just to ilustrate the idea of bottom bracketing as i jackshaft