Hi New Aussi from Mandurah WA



The Forum bit is all new to me.
I have been building bikes for and "things with wheels" for a lot of years I have three teenage boys and have built them all a gas powered bike at some time as well as their first cars.
Mechanically I have a reasonable knowledge I built and raced offroad for about 5 years and have done more than one ground up rebuild street car. I do all my own frame building and design. Most of which is weld ans see.
I am Vision impared, so do not hold a drivers licence. I now build a variety of bikes to get around on and they are my daily transport for work.
My road bike is a 2007 oreba enol, I have a custom built dual suspension mountain bike, custom built 70cc "fashioned after an indian " and am now building a electric delta trike. The trike is going to have a full body for winter riding.
I love to learn and see what else there is out there.

Time to go and its been hot here today 44deg. HOT
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Welcome aboard. Got any pics of some of your builds?.... Enjoy the forum.. mojo

go you good thing


Would like to see pics also.

Looks like we as usual are about to get your weather from Perth. Guess you didn't see to much traditional snow on Christmas day!!!

Bean Oil


The Forum bit is all new to me.
Takes some practice, but rest assured it's fun! Welcome aboard, sir.

Time to go and its been hot here today 44deg. HOT
Jebus, that's 111.3 degrees Fahrenheit!
Does your local area in Aus. typically see these summertime temps? I know that other regions do, and hotter.

If it's normally, say, 30 - 35C summertime temps and you've got some eucalyptus trees (thank you), I'd be right at home 'cause that's what I grew up with in southern California...

Again, welcome to MB.c