HI! new, from South Australia

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    Hey Guys and Gurls,

    James here - new to the place. I'm from Adelaide (in South Australia)

    Currently employed as an electronic tech, so if anyone needs electrical/electronic advice, hit me up baby!

    Bought a 44cc (50cc Chinese?) kit, from a Melbourne dealer for about $240 AUD. I haven't finished installing the thing yet. Putting it on a road bike frame (ie. 10 speed racing frame, steel) have had a few issues but ironing them out. should be a quick bike!

    Is it just me, or is the casting of the cylinder air vents quite rough? i was going to polish up my kit, make it look nice.... but the cast looks like it has been done in sand or something it's very rough. the head is o.k. though.

    Is there many Australians on here? Want some info on where i can get performance carbie's and expansion chambers etc from :grin:


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    G'day man and welcome to MBc.
    Probably your best bet to get carbie's and expansion chambers and anything to do with HT's is to do a Search here and READ.Everything is available through the internet u just need to know what's out there and if it's been successfually tested.
    Members are always happy to help but it's up to u initially to do homework................read read read.
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    welcome to MBc ! :D
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    Welcome to MBc. :cool:
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    Fetor must live fairly close to ya.
    Welcome and feel free to ask questions that haven't been answered. Do the searches!
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    are we talking ports or fins? you sed "look nice"...i assume fins...you can make it look prettier no doubt, "love yer baby" is cool by us, but (IMO) i wouldn't expect any performance bump in an otherwise stock engine.

    go browse and search the "frame-mount" forum...as an HT-newbie (did i read right?) you'll find a lot of answers to questions you haven't even thought of yet. whenever you find a neat (and relevant) topic, post a "reply" with your question or comment :)

    search the "members list" or go to the "let's ride" forum to find yer fellow aussies, we have yet to see an official MB-rally down under, but maybe you can fire 'dese guys up :D

    welcome to the MBc :cool:
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    Thanks guys! I'm really impressed by the quick response's! It's good to see there is a following for these cool little machines, this forum is a new discovery (and a very good one at that) for me. I'm sure it will answer many questions.

    I'll keep in mind the suggestions, and thanks very much for all the newbie support! it's always nice to find a forum where members actually treat each other with respect. Some others are not so lucky.

    Yup, i meant the air cooling fins, they are all un-even and very rough 'sand cast' looking finish. Might have to take to it with the dremel, even them up, and give it a nice polished aluminum look! lot's of work, but i saw the photo's of a chromed motor and it looks fantastic.

    Cheers guys
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    hello and welcome, i know you will find everything you need on this forum to help you thru the happy times and bad times on here , i hope i can assist you thru some of your needs in the future.
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    Welcome to MBc. I seem to remember a thread here where someone sprayed the fins black, and polished the outside edges. That looked pretty cool.
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    Welcome aboard James
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    Dang Van, ya beat me too it. Thats what I was going to suggest.
  12. djase10

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    & Welcome..
    I bought a 66cc kit from Melbourne from seller :motorwizza:
    VERY CHEAP-@$179 full kit

    The castings were so bad ,
    they still had sand in the alloy,
    & it was spray painted silver
    in a poxy attempt to cover it up.

    no pin in the clutch ( you would of had to hold clutch in manually)

    A JOKE of a kit
    I sent it back for full refund

    he is still selling kits..
    He has Pull start 48cc kits at the moment--
    but i notice there is no 'WIDE CRANK' included,
    to clear the pull start


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    Welcome to the forum.

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    hello and welcome to MBc...enjoy the ride and good luck!
  15. BoltsMissing

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    Howdy James,
    Welcome to MBc

    Thanks, there is plenty of help here to.

    Actually, I might just ask for some advice on this digital camera I bought.
    It's a OLYMPUS FE-240, 7.1 MPixel.
    The battery charger is missing and it's not a camera where I thought it would charge up via the USB cable.

    They want $65 for a replacement universal type battery charger and say the battery is 0 voltage on test, if I don't get a new battery for another $35 it will short out the new charger and void warranty.
    So it's over $100 to get this camera to work.
    I seen the camera work OK when it was new about a month ago.

    Is there a cheaper option to get a battery charger and is this true about the battery if it's charged up from 0 voltage, it will short out the charger ?

    Numbers on battery are:
    Model: LI-42B
    BATTERY PACK 3.7V 740mAh
    Made in China.

    Most engines are similar with a, "unique manufacturer's charactoristics and styles for ease of identification its a genuine HT" !
    They work well with only a few modifications externally.
    You will have a few teething issues, but nothing that cannot be solved.
    Break it in on 16: fuel ratio and then 20:1 thereafter using high quality 2-stroke oil.
    http://www.beta.id.au/2 Stroke Fuel-Oil Ratios.htm


    Try a go-cart shop, at least go to the one on Main North Rd, Nailsworth and get a spray can of the Shell Chain Lube and a fuel filter while your there.

    On the question of performance, there might be some limitations on a stock standard engine, but I have seen one with a tuned exhaust,chambers etc.
    Goes good.

    All the Best

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