Hi, New guy from ENGLAND, LONDON!!!

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  1. toolongtoremember

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    Anyway, I'm here because I want to make a DIY e-bike and havent the first clue where to start, I'll post in the e-bike section the rest

    anyway, I'm 18 and starting my first propper job, I have nowhere to put a motorbike, a car is too expensive (£8 congestion charge, £10 parking a day in London where I work let alone petrol, tax and insurance where we won't even go)

    So e-bike is the way to go, as I can store it inside!

    See you there!
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  2. JemmaUK

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    Ebikes are complex and can be limited in both range and speed... batteries and such for a reasonable range are also pricy...

    you'll find alot of good advice here though .. welcome to the forum.

    J xx
  3. sabala

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    What the heck is a "congestion charge"?? I think I have an idea though...

    So welcome to the "club"! Ebikes are cool, just not efficient enough for my needs, maybe in time...

    Just wanted to say, I live in a single apartment, (no bedroom but a separate kitchen) and I keep my bike with Gebe set up inside. I believe it has a sealed fuel system so no fumes get out. I have no problems at all with indoor storage, which I was worried about at first.

    ...of course I'm assuming the smell/fumes is why you don't want a petrol engine inside?...
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  4. toolongtoremember

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    a congestion sharge is londons mayors way to fill his fellow MP's pockets lol!, but on a serious note, if you want to travel into central london, you pay £8, the idea is to filter out who dont need to travrl by car, motorbikes and electric vehicles and bikes are free to enter, and I work in central London lol

    I would keep a gas one inside, but, in the UK its illegal to do so, and we have neighbours that would report it - their the stingey neighbourhood watch types - who go over the top every time
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  5. terrence

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    Hello toolong, im not a electric MB guy but I can still give you a warm welcome!
  6. sabala

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    Wow, so any gas powered vehicle gets stuck with a congestion charge, yikes!
  7. toolongtoremember

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    Wowwww.... JemmaUK, you're from Essex?

    I just realised, could you share with me any suppliers you use?

    Thanks... Reason is, I live in Barking and I travel essex every day for work and to see people, I could pick somthing up along the way XD
  8. toolongtoremember

    toolongtoremember New Member

    Just the ones with four wheels! lol
  9. JemmaUK

    JemmaUK Guest

    I have a GEBE also and the joys of a ground floor flat. I put mine inside because the last one was stolen, and I just feel less anxious if shes inside than stuck in the lovable english weather..

    You are right its a sealed fuel system, most commercial engines are.. in this case its a carb line and then a fuel return line to the tank (which incidentally is currently unavailable as a spare and will be for the foreseeable as I understand).

    As far as ebikes go... an idea for you

    since you are looking at multiples of 12v's you can get some regenerative charging by getting hold of two 6v cycle dynamos and wiring them in parallel so they produce 12v's output - this means you'll be charging your batteries as you ride - under power or otherwise.

    The most efficient drives are belt or chain... if you can - make up a mount for an engine that will work on the pedal chain side - fit up a freewheel crank and you will have a multispeed electric bike using the bikes gears :)

    What part of London are you in? I am fairly regularly up Hammersmith way..

    Jemma xx
  10. toolongtoremember

    toolongtoremember New Member

    I am from Barking, East London. You travel to Hammersmith for the Apollo?

    thanks for the ideas,the dynamo thing sounds good to me! XD

    im also considdering the electrodrive system http://www.electrodrive.co.uk/ from there

    So where abouts in Essex are you?
  11. JemmaUK

    JemmaUK Guest

    I dont really know suppliers for E-bikes unfortunately - but I can give you ideas and help along the way if you need it.

    Can you give us specifications and requirements of this machine so we know what we are aiming for... specifically:

    Available resources (money, expertise)
    type of frame.

    A simple way would be to get hold of two *sealed* 12v car batteries and make up mounts for them on the left and right side to the aft of the bike. this would give you 24v - then the trick is getting hold of the motor assembly from the commercial e-bike that has a mounting bracket to the axle and a small chain to a sprocket on the back wheel. You'd need to fabricate the battery boxes but otherwise the motor is a bolt on. You'd also need a controller of the correct type. Then using the regen charging method mentioned above and a standard car battery charger (for overnight) you should have a reasonably capable machine.

    Jemma xx
  12. JemmaUK

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    Not quite lol... I have to go up to the hospital up that way fairly regular.

    That electrodrive system looks quite good - you could still use the dynamo with that system although you might have to step up the voltage to charge the battery

    Jemma xx
  13. JemmaUK

    JemmaUK Guest

    I live in Colchester by the way