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    hi! i m a crazy teenager who has constantly kept my mom worrying and love inventing things weather they work or not.And after over 10 attempts :annoyed: to succecfully put an engine on a bike, i thought i might accually get into a forum.Might help me a bit.

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    And yes it will :grin5:

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    i was wondering if anyone could post pics to help me, ive tryed the search but it turned up few results.My goal as of now is to put my 6.5 hp champion(basically like a honda go cart engine) on my new schwinn stingray.my trouble is that the engines always seem to spin the wrong direction to work, via counter clockwise. i put a bike sprocket on the left side ot the bike and fittef the engine so it would all line up. this is an overhead valve engine, not built like the older briggs and strattons. the piston is set at an angle already so when i flipped in slightly, the oil just ran into the cylinder and it will not start or run. i have a b and s that miht work, 3.5 hp. But i will need a new carburator because it bogs out,the trottle sticks and you have to fiddle with to make it unstick.I also have an older Mcmullah chainsaw that ran strong, but after i took the unessisary metal and handle etc of it wont even start. tryed starting fluid, still wont fire. I was wondering if it needer the oil pump that fits into the chain oil well in front, i think that is just for the chain oil. After all its a 2 stroke and (im into gas rc cars) my 2 stroke rc engines dont have oil pumps thats what the oil you mix in is for correct? Any way i would really appreciate any help, i would prefer the larger engines and i cant weld or spend too much,but pics would help to. thanks