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  1. Mozz

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    from Bournemouth uk, i have 2 engines which are 4 stroke am trying to install on beach cruiser style bicycles. Also am trying to install a 1000W hub electric motor with lifepo4 batteries pn another.
    The problem i have with the engine kits from china are that the hub has holes which are too wide for standard spokes, all the bicycle shops say that they dont have spokes that fit. Do any of you know how to get hold of spokes with a wider daimeter that standard spokes. I cant be the first person to come across this problem.
    any idea?
    great site btw.

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    Hi Mozz - I am not sure I follow what you are trying to convey, But I know that some bikes in the UK have a different spoke pattern. The sprocket should have 9 holes in it. You may need the one with 5. Our bikes have 31 spokes I think, if yours has less it could be that is the problem. Count the places that the spokes cross on one side, in one circle, not out in the field of spokes, that will tell you how many bolts your sprocket needs. Have fun,Dave