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    Hi im a noob here my name is cat I have a question regarding clutch noice (sqealing). I recently purchased a 80/66cc flying horse works good except for the god aweful noise. it makes. when i pull in the clutch lever all is good runs great rolling or idiling no problem there however when i let go of the clutch lever it squels obviously it is going to make some noise on take off but the noise continues as im up to speed...I looked on all the posts here regarding clutches and noise/adjustment..I have checked my rod an ball bearing on the chain sprocket side...have bothe tightend and loosend my flower/star nut..have taken off the nut and cleaned the break pads and clutch plate..i did not remove the clutch as i didnt have the tools too...still makes that noise ..i checked both covers no sign of rubbing on the case . The only think i noticed was the star nut was slightly askew when screwed in ..not sure if that could make the noise or not ...told the dealer they..(bikeberry) said that clutch noise was normal until break in period was done it would subside with time...doesnt sound right to me..any ideas..? thx:(

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    1. Have you greased the primary gears? ie. The helical-cut cog on the crankshaft and the matching teeth on the clutch assembly.
    You only need the tiniest amount of grease.

    2. Are you sure the clutch is adjusted correctly and not slipping?

    3. Inside the clutch assembly, there is a hidden ball-bearing race. This might be dry. If you grease this, use a minimal amount of grease or it could throw out onto the clutch plates and pads.

    Didn't you get a clutch / countershaft sprocket puller with your engine kit?
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    one of mine did that for a while--the above greasing routine didn't help, but it did "wear in" whatever was squeeling and stop on its own after a short time

    could just mean you need to drill some holes in your muffler baffles 'cause your muffler's too quiet ;-)

    some folks cut a cardboard piece the size of the inside of the cover plate and stick it in saying that quiets things down

    good luck
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    If the noise remains after greasing etc, check out this thread:- HT Engine Noise Reduction
    It illustrates adding the carboard under the side-cover and rubber blocks between the cylinder and head fins.
    Both are worth the effort.

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    I put grease on the gears. didnt notice any differnce.... no, the clutch isnt sliping just squeeling like a pig. when clutch handle is realeased and as i continue to drive.I havent actually removed the clutch to get to the bearings behind it i . yes, i got a clutch puller but dont have alot of tools at the moment but will get some to remove the one nut that holds the clutch in b4 i can use the puller. will try that next im sure that must be it cause ive ommited everything else..im sure ive adjusted the clutch properly...these are pretty simple straitforward engines. Never had one till this one but have worked on motorcycles for many years...If all else fails maybe it will subside after time only have driven it about 10 miles so far. thx for the advice guys much appreciated

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    took of the clutch finall put a smidge of grease on the bearing behind the clutch cleaned of the pads with brake cleaner.... still the noise although it has seemed to been subsiding with time at about 20 miles now...guess either it will lessen more or il l just make the exaust louder...still is a kick in the pants..thx for the help