Hi-power Cycles Xc-104 E-bike

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    I got my bike yesterday, and wow it is a kick-butt bike. It has the 2500w with the 51v lipo-4 batteries. I went with the street tires on the full suspension frame for the soft ride, it is very comfortable riding. This bike is fast. if i get in the crouch down riding position it tops out at 38mph and 35mph sitting fully upright,The cycle computer has a mph reading and with just a little pedal assist it gets there fast. it also has no problem with just taking off from a dead stop. After knowing now what kind of power this bike has i dont think that i would be happy with just a 1000 watt. P.S. dont tell the cops...he he

    Anyway i just wanted to say that this is a really awsome bike.


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    Update, I had done so much research before i bought this bike. For days i searched every site i could find on e-bikes. What i found was that anything that might be okay was over $2500 and they were only rated for 1000w and anything else looked cheap and puny. Unless you have $10,000-$14,000 to spend on a opti-bike or a Stealth, I dont think you will find anything that will hold up to HI-POWER CYCLES bikes.
    I have rode my bike all weekend and i can saw it is awsome, It cruises so easily at 30mph that it almost feels like your floating on air, it takes going over potholes in the road like they arent really even there.
    The only drawback that i have found, is that now, im going to have to get a new helmet. The open faced motorcycle helmet that i was using when i ride my 2 stroke bike is now so annoying because the sound of the wind is quite loud and without the sound of the 2stroke covering it up, its too much, and this e-bike is virtually silent.
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  3. I went to their site and don't understand some things. Why are the bikes grayed out so I can't see them? What are they hiding? I can't find any information on the amphours of their batteries, just the voltages. With electric vehicles volts equal power/speed and amphours equal range. The battery seems to be fairly small, so considering the high voltage, I can only assume the amphours must be small. My LiFePo4 batteries have 36V, 20 ampHours and 48V, 15ampHours and look to be a bit bigger than the batteries they show. How heavy is the complete bike with the battery installed? What sort of range do you get from your bike on a single battery charge?
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    I know that the pictures are not like an actual photo but if you look at their puicture of the XC-104 like i have ,and compare what they look like, you can see my photos look even better than what they show. Their pictures dont really do their bikes justice.
    As far as the batteries you can get the different voltages in whatever amp hour range that you want. I have the 51v 10amphour pack. as far as range, my longest ride has been 15miles averaging 30-35 mph and it did not fully drain the batteries. Im not sure yet what the total range would be since here in washigton the rains are taking over. As far as the total weight of the bike, im not sure, i dont have a way to weigh it, but the battery bag is just a little over 10 pounds.
    Overall i have no complaints with this bike, it is solidly made and im very happy with this being my first e-bike.
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  5. Thanks, richirich.

    That is one sweet looking ride.

    My 2 e-bikes are standard bikes with e-bikekits I installed. One has a 36V, 20AmpHour LiFEPo4 battery and the other a 48V, 15AmpHour LiFePo4 battery. Both are 500-800Watt motors with top speeds of 22mph and 28mph and ranges of 35miles and 25miles. I like the simplicity and maintenence free operation of the e-bikes.

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    It would have been cool to build on myself, but after all the trial and error of building my 2 stroke mountain bike i just wanted something plug and play.
    After reading up on the differences between lipo4 batteries and lipo i decided that i would rather go the lipo route. After riding some more i was noticing the voltage drop, so i called them to find out about the batteries. The guys there are great . i can return the 51v lipo4 for 52 volt lipo's for no extra charge which is cool since they are more expensive. I also found out, that i lucked out. Since they were out of the 2500w motors and controllers that i got the 3500w rated controller and motor. They are also going to wire the lipos so if i want later(when i can afford it) that i can just wire in another pack and be 78v. 3500w.
    My 2 stroke bike will do 37mph so after that any thing less than that would just be aggrevating. i guess im just spoiled with speed.
    Oh yea and another good thing is that the 52v 10amphour lipo batteries only weigh 6.9 pounds.
    Ride on>>>>
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    51v, 52v, rubbish... why cant those guys get their heads out of their asses and follow industry standards and ethics.. geezus it drives me nuts...

    fyi.. dont push those geared motors too hard off-road, you will strip those nylon/plastic gears.. it's a BMC motor, not a direct drive.. calling it a " 3500w Kit " is just bogus.. using peak power vs continuous handling power as a sales tactic to un-suspecting buyers.

    dont get me wrong here.. the BMC motors and Lipo packs make for a good ebike combo.. but this needs a dose of reality thrown in.

    edit :

    read thru that, in later stages he went with a direct drive to prevent failures.
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    I went with the gearless motor, I know of the problems with the geared. I still havent seen anything yet that compares to their bike. unless you have 10,000-14,000 for an opti or a stealth. this was the best option i found.