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    Allmost new,been here a few time to learn , now joyed to learn more, frist build china kit bike,moved on to build three schwinn stingray choppers with HF 99cc motors , two with motor behind seat belt to jack saft then chain drive, both are still alive and well, next one with motor low in frame, cut out seat post bottm and lower brace and welded two 2"x2" angle irons to mount motor, gokark clutch, 12 tooth to rear 72 tooth sprocket, crazy fast. new build is a pusher trailer working now but had to get the kinks out, HF 99cc gokark clutch 10 tooth 40 chain to 44 tooth spoocket 8'' rear tire, have yet to have it wide open to fast need to put a speedo on it. geat being a new member, have leared so much and now, and had so much fun building these bikes looking forward to learnig more from the endless knowleage in this forum,


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    I hope you enjoy this place as much as me!
    It makes me feel like a kid in a candy store.
    See Ya Around!
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    Thanks for the welcome, you are right its like a kid in a candy store, started another, pusher trailer, has a streaning unaversal joint to hook up to bike hope it works, unlimted, let you mind travel, with no limts.

    Thank again RAZ1121
    ps where I live its a one hourse town one street lite, and nobody get cares what you drive, a cop when by with a big smile an waved, wail I was doing about 30 mph on my pusher bike. Used to live in Ft Myers eveybody called it paradise, I called it a police state ,but I moved to gods country, and love it. Take Care.