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    Hello all. I'm about a month into my first build. I just discovered all of this motored bicycle madness, and was fascinated from the get-go. My bike is a Huffy Panama Jack, had I been aware of the possibility of a motor, I'd probably have chosen something a little different. I mounted a Grubbee Skyhawk Gt5, CNS carb, 44t sprocket.
    Been driving it home from work for the last couple weeks now. It's doing great after working most of the little kinks out. Built a bracket to guide my clutch cable, I went through 3 cables in 2 weeks using the factory screw.
    Looking into adding a boost chamber and expansion chamber exaust. Also want that 35 tooth sprocket. Looking to reduce those rpm's on my four mile trek from the Peanut Plant to town.
    Looking forward to sharing with you guys.