Hi there, I've got a Schwinn Meridian Trike

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by pixiechik, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. pixiechik

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    And I'm thinking that I want to motorize it so I can make it up hills! I live at the bottom of a hill not matter what direction I go in, and so I really think it may be necessary if I really want to use the bike to it's fullest.
    I am just beginning to do research on this, so any tips you may have on which motor or any suggestions would be a great help.

    kristi in Athens, GA

  2. Alaskavan

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    Welcome to MBc. Your best bet would probably be either Golden Eagle Bicycle Engines, or Staton-Inc. They aren't cheap, but they are very reliable.
  3. pixiechik

    pixiechik New Member

    Thanks for the info, I'll start researching them. I'll probably have my local bike shop convert it.

    I'm loving the bike, but frustrated by the hills!
  4. Ernie

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    I just finished putting a 50cc 4 stroke on a Meridian. I'm very happy with it and would post a picture if it was possible. I didn't use a gearbox but managed to reduce 6,000 rpm down to ~ 200 anyway useing two jackshafts before the the last reduction to the Axle. I changed out the existing tires for mountain bike tires so that no-flat solid tubes would fit. (we have a terrrible thorn problem where I live in the Southwest and wind to blow them everywhere.) I have also mounted a 35cc Honda on a mountain bike but that's another story. Thanks for an interesting story on your Meridian. E. Kelly
  5. pixiechik

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    Yes, please post a pic if you can, I'd love to see it.
  6. StreetRodder

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    Motorizing a Meridian

    I out a 4 stroke 6 HP on one if my Meridians. It went very smoothly. I had all the components attached in 2 hours. The clutch and throttle took an hour. It was on the road In under 5 hours. It maintains 18 mph in flat ground, and if I gently pedal on hills, it'll continue close to 15 mph. I'm happy with the entire project. I'm shipping to a friend who had a stroke so she can get out of the house, and enjoy being outside. Thanks for your time....StreetRodder