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    Hello I"m the new guy on the block, this site looks like it should be very informative and fun. I've recentley purchasted a 1981 Schwinn Beach Cruiser with a MX-5 engine. It was in indoor storage for over 14yrs and both bike and engine are in good shape. (except for coaster brake) I tinker with bikes alot and have my own bike stand and quite a few tools but I'm still learning. This is my first motorized bike, so this should be a good place for me to learn. A little about myself, I live in Southern Calif. in the moutains above Palm Springs, worked as a floorcovering installer for 35yrs and now retired. Anways just wanted to say Hi to all of you.

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    Welcome to the forum. Have fun reviving and riding your mobike. Post pics when you can.
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    Welcome crackers,

    Have fun,