hi was seeking online for adding a motor to a meteor and brought me to this site,,,

Discussion in 'Motorized Trikes' started by JCs, Feb 12, 2011.

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    hi was just surf'n da web and brought me here ,,, i just purchased a meteor recumbent and wasn't really think'n a whole lot on motor untill now ,,,

    i paid for it yesterday but only in electric model ,,,

    but after seeing that some one here on this site has added a motor and said turned out ok i now seek'n how to add one myself ,,,

    Just inquiring about it ,,,

    and have no clue what motors are out there as I only did a electric motor search and know a variety of info on them so will be looking to learn and seek how to go about adding a gas motor to it for near future ,,,

    ty appreciate it Gods bless singssss JCs

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    Hi and Welcome to Motoredbikes!
    Do find out what is legal where you are, there is a legal section here also.
    Engines have been added to recumbents sucessfully.
  3. JCs

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    I will ty ,,, haven't quite done the research on that either I did on electric so that be first place I start ,,, thanks for that valuble piece of info will do,,,

    Gods bless singssss JCs
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    Meteor and Gas Power


    Here it is for the one and only time. Check our Powered Trike Forum for the thread on my build of the Trailmate Meteor & Gas Power. It details the whole build including quite a number of pictures. If you are diligent and read the whole thread, you wil find that I used the Robin-Subaru 4-Stroke engine and Staton Gear Box. He has all the specs, now, (as each mounting bracket has to be made for a specific vehicle, motor and engine.) There should be no reason for you to post twice on the same subject, as you did here on page #1. (This same post was on page 3, earlier)
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    hi patrick ,,,

    appreciate u sharing ,,, only reason it come up twice was cuz i realized after i was supose to post my first post in the introduce myself forum and so that be why there is two of the same ,,, so sorry JCs GB

    appeciate u posting it again ,,, ty
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    Thread has been moved to correct forum.