Hi ya, From the Twin Cites of Minnesota

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    Hello All, I'm Mark, and I'm working on my Hawg,(more of a piglet though). I've have removed the Metric (m6) bolts, and drilled and re-tapped the holes to an "english" 1/4-20 thread, so that I can use Grade 8 bolts.
    No more shearing of bolts on the way to work. :-x
    I am custom machining my new mounting brackets, and will have pics up when there is something respectable to show.
    I will be putting on a tractor (6volt) headlight,taillight and signals,
    I will be commuting home a night.(second shift)
    Anybody else commute at Night?
    I have the reflective vest and armbands with led's, and will be lit up like a Christmas tree.