Hi yall! I'm from Arkansaw! N00by-dooby

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    Hey everybody! I'm a huge fan of yer work. ;) I've been lurking and reading and reading and reading and reading and reading.

    Seriously though. Hey, my name's Jon and I'm from the North East Arkansas area. I'm 28, college-edubicated, and generally pretty wonky in a laid-back kinda way. I'm a big fan of Mountainman, the guy that says MB THING. lol
    That's awesome.

    So I was looking to buy a motorcycle. Changed my mind.
    Looking to buy a scooter. Scratch that.
    I ran across this page... AWESOME! I love these MB THINGS(tm).

    Anyway, I seriously have been reading and reading and reading and reading...
    it's kinda tough to get a "holistic" perspective on the big picture when everybody has their own personal styles, needs, abilities and situations.
    I'm going to post a monster for my first post, and hopefully.. some of you awesome people can bestow your sagely wisdom upon me.

    Thanks! :helmet:

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    Welcome to Mbc

    Hey Jon..Welcome from Eno (Down Under)..Yeh lots of info and help here..especially from the long term members who always jump in and help those who a challenged when it comes to mechanical things and tweaking the ride when its all set up..get some pics in as you go..Good Luck... Eno