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    I'm glad I found this forum. I've already found much needed information here, and wish that I discovered this before I had obtained my bike and engine, but I like a challenge and I will get through it.
    My biggest challenge is from the vendor which I purchased my engine. I have seen enough on the net about him that would of led me to another. Most of what I heard was about scratched, dented, and missing parts. When I received the kit I was quite pleased that I was not going to have to buy some sand paper and a can of spray paint, but not all the parts were there, and I will be going to the hardware store to get a set of bolts for the hub gear, but I will be depending on the vendor to send me the mounting hardware that is missing. I had good communication with him during the purchase and while shipping, but after I have received the kit the communication has stopped, even though he said, "If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email us."
    My bike is a Moon Dog and it has it own set of challenges.
    So, now its onward into the fog and off the deep end!
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    Hi there! Welcome to the forum. Hope you get through your project without too many headaches~ I'm still saving up for my first bike so everything that I've been reading here has helped me too. There are many good souls here and they are helpful people. A lot of the stuff is a bit technical for me so I pay some of my dues welcoming new people. Like yourself~ Have a great time reading all the post. There is so much here to read. It's really a great place. If I can help in any way, PM or email me.
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    welcome outdoor ,,

    what kit did u get ?...i have upgraded most all the bolt's so far and drilled out stuff to install helia coils was a big improvement and got black bolts make sure u get at the lest 3 lines on them the more the harder dont wait on anyone its just done now and most likely a wash !

    crabdance any nibbles on items u are trying to sell ?to get u closer to a mb ?
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    Greetings back at you crabdance and Masterlink

    I got the 50cc 2-stroker kit from boygofast off eBay.

    The kit was sealed in its original factory packaging and shipping boxes, but if I were selling these kits and I knew that there was a history of missing or mismatched parts I would inspect them and repackage them. Of course I would have to charge a little extra, but I would have a happy customer base. I thought that the 115.00 for the engine was really low, and he made up on some of that with the 55.00 shipping, but I felt that was a really good price and I would of spent more, if I was assured of getting all the parts.

    Bolt replacement, I can handle, and if I still had access to a machine shop I could fab anything else that I needed.

    The one thing that I need is the motor mount kit that allows you to mount to a large front tube. I had ordered a 50T sprocket and motor mount clamp from King's, thinking that that clamp was for the large tube (I don't even know where I got that idea). Have not received it yet, but I assume now that it is just a replacement clamp for one that I already have. I've been thinking, and sometimes that can be a dangerous thing, about drilling a hole in the middle of the clamp reversing it, putting it up against the motor and running a bolt through it. Its not 1/4" steel plate, but I might make it work. I also saw somewhere someone would take an old handlebar grip and place it against the frame while hammering it, and reshape the frame so the smaller clamp would fit. I'm afraid of ruining the paint, If anyone has had success with this let me know.

    Also, I'm not sure if I got all of the mounting hardware for the chain guard.

    I'm hoping to come across members that have completed a Moon Dog conversion, I'm already having problems putting things together and would like to know how they got around them. Like how to mount the gas tank, right now I'm thinking about sandwiching a piece of rubber between the tank and frame then, gluing it down with Gorilla Glue. The studs are too short to use the clamps around the top frame tube.


    PS boygofast has responded to an email that I sent him.... now if he corrects the problem.
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    As you stated, onward, forward through the fog.
    Welcome to MBc from the Giant Side of Texas!
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