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    I find it very interesting that the first post must be in the introduce yourself forum. It makes a lot of sence.
    I'm mostly just curious and will probably never actually buy a kit, but might??? I currently live in Boston and have a short commute so a power assist makes no sence. I will be moving soon to most likely Vermont and if my commute is longer than 15 miles a power assist is something I will concider. I am a very serious cyclist and would want to continue to be one. My interest in power assist is so I can extend a long commute and continue to ride my bike to work. I have noticed that many people are on either side of the fence so to speak. You seem to be either pro-human power or pro-motor assist.

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    welcome Scott

    if you happen to decide to try a little motor

    they are -- MUCH FUN

    and on a bicycle -- one can travel A LONG WAYS

    ride that thing
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    I am pro motor. Not assist. Just motor. The pedals give me a place to rest my feet.:grin: