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    Hi my name is Barry and i live in the UK.
    I have an electric currie kit on my Marin mountain bike.
    The currie does not push out much speed, so i bought a 750w 48volt replacement motor and 35a controller from ev deals. Now i cannot afford the LIPO batt`s, for some reason the price of these batterys have gone up significantly over the last year.
    unfortunatley 48v of SLA are way too heavy.
    Has anyone tried converting the currie pro drive to run trough the bikes gears? I would be interested in liaising with anyone that has successfully converted their currie.
    Thanks in advance

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    Welcome aboard.

    I can't help you with your actual question, but someone will come along who can.
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    Is it letting you post yet cause I can only post here for some reason or another...