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    Hello all!

    My car just died, and I think I will get a motor for a bike to work in the mean time. I am registering to this site because I need your help in determiing the correct motor to get for my bike.

    But I don't know if I shoudl post my question here or in the other forum.


  2. Dave C

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    Hi and welcome.

    Naaaaa... you don't have to go anywhere else.

    What bike do you have? That has a lot to do with what motor and/or kit would be best. Most mountian bikes and a lot of beach cruisers are ready made for motors, other are a real b***h with no room for nothing. Back suspensions add a whole bunch to the cost of a motor and kit.

    Let us know what frame your running then we can give you more informed information:helmet:
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    Dave was only partly correct. Let us know what you have or what you need it to do and we will give you direction in how to find your answers. Search is your friend here. If you cannot find it, just ask.
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    Hello from KS .
    I also wanted to build one .
    I kept saying one of these days i will .
    It took me a year or so to pull my credit card out .
    But it finally happened.
    Now i have 4 and looking to build a 4 stroke for the 5th one
    Darn the luck now one seems to have the 4 GT belt drive set up.
    That i am after .
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    Hey guys... I have a few bikes I can use. But I only have access to one at the moment.

    It is a Magna Fugitive 10 speed mountain bike. Like this one: http://www.assiter.com/item.cgi?show_item=0000002670

    I simply want a bike I can ride back and forth to school (5 miles each way with hills). I am looking for low cost, really, as I am broke. What do you suggest?

    I am not a mechanic but can pick up skills pretty well. I hope I don't have to weld though.
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    I did take Small Engines in high school. :)
  7. kpeter02

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    Oh. I did search and coudn't find my bike on the search. I am hoping I don't have to customize the frame, because I do lack tools. And I am really hoping for a motor/engine less than 200 dollars, but if that means it will break on me, then I will spend a bit more.
  8. RedBaronX

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    it's not likely you will need to have to do heavy modification, especially mods that will require fabricating and welding.

    Virtually all of the 2 stroke bicycle engines are designed to fit the exact same angle, so if you go two-stroke, pick a vendor you like (read the reviews) and buy what you can afford. A reputable vendor will talk you through the differences between the different engine kits they have-- price vs. engine size. etc.

    Somewhere amongst this forum is a diagram showing the actual angle that a frame needs to be for the perfect engine fit....
  9. Stan4d

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  10. RedBaronX

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    see, I knew that someone would be able to find it easier than I would.

    Keep in mind that these engines are designed to be installed in commercially-available bicycles. GENERALLY speaking, if a bike is large enough to accommodate an engine, it can be made to fit without fabrication
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    Hey guys!

    I managed to get a Trek 800 for very cheap. I think I will mount my motor to that. It looks like it is already somewhat modified, in that it has no gears on the back wheel. It only has three gears on the front. I will look for a vendor and ask them my questions. I was at first looking at getting a rear friction drive, as I read that they don't break down as easily, but then I read that they work better with smooth wheels, and this one is a mountain bike. So I was thinking a 2 stroke. I still am having trouble finding if I should get a certain CC, as when I look that up, it seems the thread always changes before I find my answer!

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  12. RedBaronX

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    with two strokes, you only have two size choices-- 49cc and 66cc (which will often be listed as "80cc"). the external dimensions between the two are pretty danged close (maybe even identical), so I personally went with a 66cc. It was not much more expensive.

    A big part of why rear-mount friction drives are reliable is that they are (usually) made with 4-stroke engines which are more reliable than the 2-stroke engines on the motor-biking market. You still have the option of rear chain drive and rear belt drive if you want to keep your knobby mountain bike tires
  13. kpeter02

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    Hey... I have a question though. Normally, one would mount a rack on the back to carry stuff on the bike? But if I get a rear engine mount, I really can't do that. Have you guys any clever ways to still carry stuff on a bike with a rear engine mount?
  14. RedBaronX

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    you could get a front basket for carrying things. or panniers (saddle bags). There are frame bags, too
  15. ibdennyak

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    or trailer....or lots of pockets. :grin5:

    Seriously, I use a Bob type trailer that I have carried a welder in. Not recommended, but it is possible. Back packs are handy for smaller stuff.
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