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    HI, I am Parker i am pretty new to the site but I have been working on engines for about 2 years now. I build boost bottles for boost bottle industries..... my current project is an electric start for my motor bike I got inspired for this idea when my cable for my pull start kept snapping.


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    Welcome to MBc, Underdog.
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    thank you
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    Id like to build my own boots bottle for my 66 cc, can you offer any advise?
  5. underdog

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    i can not gave away any information on the build of them considering a promised i wouldn't release any information provided to build them by the person that i semi-work for but i can give you contact as to the owner of boost bottle industries his name is keith and this is his email: sales@boostbottleindustries.com . he also make vinyl graphics along with a verity of other items including the nos kits. here is his web page: http://www.boostbottleindustries.com/index.html/