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  1. alec

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    Hi, my name is alec and I joined this forum to get on the right track in the world of motorized bicycles. I am also very mechanically inclined.

  2. butterbean

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    hey alec, welcome. there are many different options for motorized bicycles, including kit and non-kit engines. figuring out which option will work best for you depends on what range of performance you are looking for and how much money you are willing to spend. some enthusiasts have managed to get more performance and reliability out of inexpensive setups, while others choose to spend a little extra to get more bang for their buck. still others are happy with the stock performance of a kit supplied engine. so do some exploring and look around the site, and you can find a lot of information on different types of setups.
  3. LR Jerry

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    Here are important questions to consider when building or buying for yourself or others:

    1) What is the predominant riding terrain?
    2) What type of physique does the primary rider have?
    3) What will the rider's local laws allow and require them to have?
    (Lookup and personally read these laws.)
    4) What kind of bike is being motorized?
    5) What is the bike to be used for?
    6) How much of a budget is to be used for the build or buy?

    Seek the answers to these questions in order to get the most out of the bike you're building or buying. We're here to help with any questions you may have. Good luck with your build or buy.
  4. wheelbender6

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    Welcome to the forum. It's great to to see a young wrench bender on the forum. All the engines work well. Just read the forum and see which kit would work best for you.
  5. alec

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    Looks like I'm going to drive down to piston bikes and pick up a Grubee 66cc engine. picking this up because I love engines and it will give me something to mess with When I'm not on my dirtbike. thanks for the support guys :D
  6. butterbean

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    kits are not the only options for motorized bicycles. there are at least just as many successful non-kit builds as there are kit bikes. My current daily driver started from a kit, but I plan to give my bike a Predator transplant as soon as I have the money. I say started as a kit because the only kit-supplied parts still on it are the engine, grips, carburetor, kill switch, chain and sprocket. gas tank is off a yamaha three wheeler and exhaust is a modded pocketbike pipe. air filter cover isnt even stock. I made it out of the bottom of a soup can. i seem to have become something of a master at re-purposing parts and materials to use on my bike. Most recently I re-purposed an old motorcycle turn signal light to work as a brake light, powered by 4 AA batteries and using the brake lever itself as a sort of dead man's switch. I squeeze the brake lever, and the light's ground wire makes contact with the handlebars, closing the circuit and activating the light. release the lever, the ground wire breaks contact, opening the circuit and shutting the light off again. so there are plenty of ways to build a non-kit bike, whether it starts as a kit but uses non-kit parts, or doesnt start with a kit at all.